We are very excited to be part of Kate Watson-Smyth’s , (founder of Mad About The House) new DO LESS HARM movement. She has created a directory of companies reducing their impact on the planet.

Here at the Maker Station, we love nothing more than upcycling, revamping, reusing and collaborating with small businesses.

Nothing is wasted. From stripping chairs, then using the fabric for bunting, to weaving with overlocker trimmings and creating looms out of old packing boxes. We are very conscious of our impact on the environment. Be it planting bee and butterfly wild flowers in our palette garden, to dumpster diving to save and reupholster unwanted chairs. Upcycling instead of binning & saving furniture from landfill.




Here at the Maker Station, we love nothing more than encouraging creativity and helping the community. We had such fun hosting our big knit morning that we have decided to carry on.

Here are some of the causes we will be crafting for.

  • Bliss Charity

  • Mind Craftnoon


  • Second Hand September Oxfam


Screen Shot 2019-08-20 at 12.18.41.png

Here at the Maker Station, we are all about encouraging new skills, creativity, and sustainability. What better way to continue to share our message #saveitdontgraveit and to do #dolessharm than by joining in with Oxfam's #secondhandseptember

Join us on the 14th of September

Bring old garments or second-hand clothes, bits and bobs, trims and frills and spend the morning learning how to:

  • Create gorgeous items out of scrap and donated fabrics.

  • Repurposes old garments and transform them into bags.

  • Embellish and customiseyour second-hand garments by adding trims, patches, and even artwork.

Being a community workshop we have all the tools you will need and we have been able to source the brightest and craftiest locals to help with our mission.


Knit and Natter - Innocent Big knit for age uk

On the 27th of July we opened our doors knitters and crochet queens and pom-pom enthusiasts, as part of innocent’s big knit in aid of age uk

Thank you so much to everyone who came and made the morning so enjoyable. We still have lots of biscuits if you fancy popping in for a cuppa!

We have started a monthly knitting group as we enjoyed the morning so much!