Headdress CLass

A headdress is one of the most glorious and must have accessories for festivals, parties, showgirls and queen days.

On this Saturday Session course, you will learn to craft a crown fit for royalty!

  • we will decide on a style, choose your favourite silk blossoms and weave your creation together.

Cost: £36 (Members) / £45 (Non-Members)

Date: Saturdays 2pm - 5pm

Run by: Kal

Please get in contact once you have booked the course so we can order your materials.

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Classes start from the 6th June onward!

Book onto which ever class you want to join

Atelier Claire - Art Classes

Claire is a qualified teacher with 24 years' experience. These classes show you a range of art basics which will give you confidence to continue your creative journey at home. Looking at the visual elements of art, you will learn a variety of skills and techniques using a wide range of materials.  

Each class will have a different theme, all materials will be provided.

  • Mark Making/Drawing: Black & White, Colour

  • Painting: Acrylics, Watercolours

  • Printing: Collagraph, Lino & Screen

  • Clay: Pinch Pot & Coil Pot/Slab Tile and/or VaseFor more information please get in contact, you can book a specific class via the link below. Please be aware that each date corresponds to a different class.

Dates: Thursday 7 - 9.30pm

Cost: £35

Run by: Claire

Scissors, cotton reels, thimbles and the tools of an Upholsterer’s trade

Craft CLub

We are a loose knit (excuse the pun) group of craft enthusiasts who gather together to share projects, tea and wine. Similar to a ‘Book Club’, we gather to show and discuss our current projects, collaborate and hopefully inspire each other a bit too!

Knitting, quilting, dressmaking, toy and lampshade making are all undertaken at our Craft Club. Beautiful books and fabrics are shared and outings, exhibitions and shows are arranged. Encouragement is given and as a result, projects which have languished for years have been completed! It’s a great way to be social and productive

Please come down and join us!

Dates: Tuesdays 7 - 9.30pm

Cost: £5 for Members / £15 for Non Members

NB: As this is an ‘around the table’ social event, if your craft involves sewing, it’s best to bring your own machine.

Run by: Kal & Fay