Creativity is contagious. Pass it on.
— Albert Einstein




Kal comes from a long line of creatives and makers, with a large matriarchal family who between them had just about every creative industry covered. Kal herself has had a long and varied career running from fashion to film.

She has studied diploma courses in Fashion Design, Interior Design and Makeup. She has worked in hospitality and events, running her own event & wedding styling business for several years before a stint working in the South African film industry in wardrobe.

Kal is a fully qualified AMUSF upholsterer who was turning work away because of the lack of affordable studio space. She specialises in restoration of rare vintage furniture pieces with artisan techniques as well as contemporary upholstery and up-cycling. Many of her pieces can be seen in The Maker Station.




Fay’s heritage has always been heavily creative with an engineering father and a mother who taught her a plethora of crafts from a young age, from knitting to making her own dolls’ clothes.

With a background in textiles, art, fashion and marketing. She has been a graphic designer, designing and printing t-shirts for the high street, has CAD designed for fashion retail and also worked on the sales side of the industry, travelling the world selling textile prints.

From coats to cushions, from drapes to wedding dresses, Fay can make almost anything. She also loves up-cycling and upholstering - transforming forgotten pieces of furniture into things that people fall in love with.